Uneven sidewalks and driveways getting you down?   Contact NOLA Mud Jacking today!   Why replace when we can repair for half the price.

Mud Jacking

There are only 2 ways by which sinking concrete can be fixed:

1) Break out existing concrete and get it hauled off. Have area filled to grade, have area formed and framed in. Mesh and rebar cut and installed. Now you can finally have concrete poured and finished. Not done yet, let cure for at least a week and remove framing. And last but not least fill in yard with soil and grass, replacing any plant life that was destroyed in this process.


2) Call NOLA Mudjacking!

• Raise Uneven Concrete
• Patio Leveling
• Repair Sagging Pool Aprons
• Areas That Collect Water
• Driveway Repair
• Level Uneven Side Walks
• Repair Parking Lot Settling
• Fill Voids

Servicing New Orleans, Kenner, Metairie, West Bank, Slidell and beyond.